The Steam Stopper Benefits

♦ STOP your mirror misting

♦ STOP your wallpaper pealing

♦ STOP your paint peeling

♦ STOP Mould in your bathroom

♦ STOP wasting Energy

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Steam Stopper sizes

Steam Stopper Sizes

♦ 900mm & 1m Curved
♦ 900mm & 1m Square
♦ 900mm x 760mm Rectangle
♦ 900mm & 1m 45 Deg
♦ 1200mm x 900mm Rectangle
♦ 1200mm x 760mm Rectangle

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Where to buy

Steam Stoppers are available across New Zealand.
Buy to install one yourself or
have one of our recommended installers do it for you.

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Very Easy to Clean

The Steam Stopper is so easy to clean and is not physically fixed to the top of your shower. The easy install Steam Stopper is simply lifted off, cleaned and returned to it’s original position…

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