Plumbing World LeVivi DeSteam

The Plumbing World LeVivi DeSteam units are Steam Stoppers cut to suit the LeVivi range of Showers supplied by Plumbing World. The reason for that is to make the installation very easy and quick.

As a result of us trimming these De Steam’s to suit the standard 900mm and 1m curved and also the square 900 and 1m LeVivi, you will not need to trim the De Steam to fit.

They are available from all Plumbing World stores across NZ

Plumbing World LeVivi DeSteam curved

This LeVivi De Steam has been cut to match the curve of the 900mm & 1m LeVivi Curved door corner shower.

Plumbing World LeVivi DeSteam square

This LeVivi De Steam has been Pre-trimmed to fit the LeVivi 900 x 900mm 1m x 1m shower

All our other Steam Stoppers are also available from Plumbing World, to see all sizes click here

LeVivi DeSteam


Steam Stopper at Plumbing World


Stop Bathroom Steam

Made in New Zealand

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