The best way to STOP CONDENSATION in your bathroom is to prevent the steam being generated in the first place.
We as home owners have, for years, accepted that steam is part of us having a shower, it does not have to be.

bathroom condensation

bathroom condensation

Steam Stopper Benefits

STOP your mirror misting.
STOP your wallpaper pealing.
STOP your paint pealing,… and above all,
STOP Mould growing in your bathroom.
STOP wasting Energy.
Make your bathroom cleaning easier.
Mirror Demisters – No longer needed.
Save power and reduce Water usage.
Bathroom extractor fan works less, if at all.

Steam Stopper Advantages

Easy to fit – install it yourself with a few simple tools
Easy and safe to clean

Condensation in your Bathroom is caused by HOT DAMP air from your shower mixing with COLD DAMP air from your bathroom. By separating these two groups of moisture bathroom steam cannot be produced.

An Example: Watch a glass kettle while boiling, inside the kettle you see boiling water but next to no steam, water is splashed onto the glass and runs down, but you can still see through the kettle. Now look about 50 to 75mm above the spout of the kettle, where the hot damp air is mixing with the room air (which is colder but also damp), this is where you will see the steam being produced. What is happening is that the hot damp air is condensing when it comes into contact with the cold damp air and in turn forms the steam which in turn condensates on your mirrors, windows and any cold surfaces in your bathroom.

If you centrally heat your house you will mask this effect, but you do not stop condensation, it will only take longer for the effects and damage to be seen as the house hold air will be able to hold more moisture.

Stop condensation and stop the above problems by installing a Steam Stopper over your existing shower.

Stop Condensation – use a Steam Stopper on your shower.

Models of Steam Stoppers

Which one suits your shower? – click on image to check which showers they will fit

Steam Stopper sizes - 900 and 1m Curved
Steam Stopper sizes - rectangle
Steam Stopper sizes - 900 and 1m Square
Steam Stopper sizes - 900 and 1m 45 deg

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