Steam Stopper Testimonials

– These Steam Stopper Testimonials are from our very happy customers.

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Just writing with regards to the Steam Stopper that we had installed over our shower at the start of this year (January 2023). This is now the second winter we have had in our home (one pre Steam Stopper, and now one after) and the difference that it has made is incredible! We live in a 1930s home, and as with many older NZ houses, moisture and condensation is a pretty big problem over winter. Last year, even after the shortest of showers (and using the extractor fan), we would have water literally running down the walls.
This year, now that we have the Steam Stopper, this doesn’t happen at all – in fact it’s rare that the mirror would even get a bit fogged up. Nothing has changed except having had the Steam Stopper installed.
I would fully recommend this product as it has made such a positive contribution to reducing the amount of moisture in our home, and therefore improving the overall health of it – especially over winter. As well as having no ongoing costs (bonus) it’s also an attractive design – mostly, because you would hardly even know / see that it’s there!

Town - Masterton

“Bathroom Direct were able to solve our mould problems in our bathroom by supplying us with a Steam Stopper, which holds shower steam in the cubicle so it does not condense on the walls.
Our shower was not of a standard size, but with advice and assistance from Charles at Bathroom Direct we were easily able to obtain and fit a Steam Stopper to do the job.”
Many thanks.
Jocelyn S

“Steam stopper Does exactly what it says it does, It Stopped my Bathroom Steam, great product”

Great service & job
Under promised & over delivered

Thought this type of business was a thing of the past

The tenant is an architect and she was impressed
Just mentioned as no doubt she will sing the praises of Steam Stoppers


Contacted them to install a steam stopper for my newly painted bathroom. The guys came and installed no fuss. The steam stopper helps greatly with a dryer bathroom and I am sure will be along while before will need to paint again!”

“Steam stopper arrived and I’ve already installed it and tried it out. Brilliant. Works perfect, as I expected.”

“Yesterday I installed the Steam Stopper on my shower the results were amazing, and I’m loving it.”

Adding extra Height to a Shower Testimonial

Adding extra Height to a Shower Testimonial

Some showers need extra height added to enable a Steam Stopper to be added as the Shower rose is above the shower door. With this one we added height by folding Clear Acrylic to the shape of the Shower Door to a height that enabled the Steam Stopper to fit and also...

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Executive Motel Taupo Steam Stopper Testimonial

Executive Motel Taupo Steam Stopper Testimonial

Executive Motel Taupo Steam Stopper Testimonial Main points of this testimonial ♦ We were skeptical, but we found that the Seam Stopper to, ♦ Exceeded our expectations ♦ Left no water drips on bathroom ceilings ♦ Reduced Cleaning and Maintenance ♦ The Units are easier...

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St Kentigern Testimonial

St Kentigern Testimonial

St Kentigern Testimonial on Steam Stopper. The Steam Stopper was very good at: ♦ Stopped Mould growth. ♦ Stopped Paint Decay. ♦ Less Cleaning required. ♦ "Impressed with the improvement in the condition of the Ceiling and walls" ♦ Installed a second Steam Stopper Read...

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