Curved Steam Stopper


The Curved Steam Stopper is suitable for most 1m x 1m and 900mm x 900mm Curved corner shower cubicles.

This Curved Steam Stopper will:

  • Stop Steam from being made in your shower
  • Stop your mirror from misting
  • Make your paint last longer
  • Pealing paint is a thing of the past
  • Reduce the cleaning of your bathroom
  • Stop Mould from growing
  • Save power
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2 Wall Corner

1m x 1m and

900 x 900mm

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Clearlite Cezanne

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Henry Brooks Collesium 1m & 900mm

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Plumbing World Astivita Cabris
Our 1.2m x 1m or 1200 x 900mm Steam Stoppers can be trimmed to fit many of the 1200 x 900 Curved door Showers.
We developed the dome shape to enable the cutting a curve to match the curved door showers.
We do recommend you buy the rectangle Steam Stopper and trim to a template of your shower as it will then match your door. We have come across quite a few variations and no std curve suits them all.
We also note that the description of R/H or L/H can be confusing
The diagrams below are only a guide

curved 1200 x 900 LH install

curved 1200 x 900 RH install

Need it untrimmed?

When your walls are not square or neither of our pre-trimmed square Steam Stoppers fit.

Steam Stopper curved

*Please note*
This Steam Stopper will be supplied cut to 995mm x 995mm, (the dome as such is 810mm square). The untrimmed Steam Stopper will need to be trimmed to suit your shower, you will find the cutting instructions here.
Click on the image below for a larger version to print and take into your chosen supplier.
Steam Stopper curved size

Measuring Steam Stopper curved



Curved Steam Stopper Recap:

  • Dome size 810 x 810mm
  • Minimum Overall cut size 850 x 850mm
  • Std overall sizes  880 x 880mm
  •                                970 x 970mm
  • Measurements are overall including the U-channel and screw head
  • Untrimmed size  995 x 995mm

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