Bath Dome Steam Stopper


The Steam Stopper Bath Dome is designed to fit all Shower over baths that are about 1675mm long x 760mm wide.

The Bath Dome Steam Stopper will:

♦ Stop Steam from being made in your shower.
♦ Stop Mould from growing in your bathroom
♦ Stop your mirror from misting
♦ Stop pealing paint
♦ Make your paint last longer
♦ Reduce the cleaning of your bathroom
♦ Save power
Once you have installed the support rails on the back and ends you then need to trim your Bath Steam Stopper to size. I would recommend trimming to length first, once that is done you can slide it into place to mark the width and trim to suit. Once done slide the Bath Dome Steam Stopper into place and the job is completed.

*Please note* ALL Bath Steam Stoppers will be supplied cut to 1680mm x 800mm, the edges will need to be trimmed to size to suit your shower.  cutting instructions here.

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BathDome Steam Stopper

The bath dome is shipped out untrimmed at 1700 x 780. The reason for this is that most bath installs vary and we want to supply one that will can be modified to fit most shower over bath installations. The Bathdome is suitable for either corner or alcove installations. and we do recommend a door that covers the complete front of your installation to get the best efficiency of your Bathdome.
Bath Dome From Steam Stopper
This Bath Dome by Steam Stopper is designed to fit  onto a shower over bath.

It will provide a warm shower environment and help to reduce steam in your bathroom.

This Bath Dome by Steam Stopper can fit either an alcove or corner bath installation.

An easy DIY install, we do recommend a full door to be installed.

You may need to trim it to fit to your specific shower over bath.


The Bath Dome will arrive to you
cut at 1680 x 770mm

To allow for your walls that may not square which often happens in existing houses.

*Please note*
The Bath Dome – Steam Stopper will need to be trimmed to suit your shower, you will find the cutting instructions here. 

1675 x 760 Bath Dome Recap:

  • Minimum Overall cut size 1620 x 720mm
  • Untrimmed size  1700 x 800mm

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