Steam Stopper Resellers

The Steam Stopper is made in Auckland, New Zealand by Henry Brooks & Co Ltd along with other bathroomware products. Steam Stoppers are made from a hygienic sanitary grade acrylic sheet which is non porous and does not hold any mould (mold) or bacteria and is very easy to clean with a simple wipe.
Your Steam Stopper can be bought from…

Stop Condensation - Steam Stopper online - Bathroom Direct

De Steam at Plumbing World

Models of Steam Stoppers

Which one suits your shower? – click on image to check which showers they will fit

Steam Stopper sizes - 900 and 1m Curved
Steam Stopper sizes - rectangle
Steam Stopper sizes - 900 and 1m Square
Steam Stopper sizes - 900 and 1m 45 deg

Steam Stopper stockists

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