Stop Cleaning Bathroom mould

Stop Cleaning Bathroom mould

Mould Removal from your bathroom is a constant job, Why not Stop mould before it is even produced.

Imagine not having to be constantly removing mould from your bathroom.

You would have less cleaning to do, less paint or wallpaper damage, therefore less repairs and maintenance. Removing mould from your bathroom will give you a healthier home as both mould and mildew tend to cause some people breathing difficulties and health problems.

The first step on bathroom mould removal is to remove the source of steam in your bathroom. This is easy to say and almost as easy to do. You will effectively stop the growth of mould in your bathroom by installing a Steam Stopper.

Mould grows when it is moist and warm, like most bathrooms, including yours. As we shower we manufacture steam above our shower, when hot warm damp air mixes with cold damp air, creating steam which in turn condensates on our walls, mirrors and any cold surface. Any residue left is the starting point for mould growth. Then if you heat your bathroom with a heater or use heat lamps you will increase the likely hood of mould growth and therefore the need for mould removal.

Installing a Steam Stopper will:

STOP Steam even being generated.

Stop mould growth starting.

Stop us having to Clean Mould.

Save Hot water.

Mould Removal is much easier with a Steam Stopper.

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