Bathroom Mirror Demisters are no longer required

bathroom mirror demisters

No bathroom mirror demisters

Bathroom Mirror Demisters are no longer required. The mist/fog on your mirror is caused by your shower steam floating through your room and condensing on the cold surfaces like tiles, walls and your bathroom mirror.

Installing a Steam Stopper will STOP Steam.

The Steam Stopper separates the hot damp air in your shower from the colder damper air in your bathroom so steam is not even formed, your shower is warmer and you can save power and hot water by moving the mixer leaver lower.

By installing a Steam Stopper you eliminate steam in your bathroom and therefore stop condensation forming on your bathroom mirror, wall tiles and bathroom window eliminating the need for bathroom mirror demisters.

Bathroom Mirror Demisters once installed increase your ongoing power usage. These days, with the ever increasing need for us to reduce our ongoing house hold expense’s, installing a Steam Stopper makes more economic sense than installing Bathroom Mirror Demisters. Not only does the Demister cost you to buy, it also requires an electrician to install, you also have another ongoing power cost, where as with the Steam Stopper it is only a one off cost.

A Steam Stopper will eliminate the need for bathroom mirror demisters.

Stop Condensation with a Steam Stopper.

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