Save Power with a Steam Stopper – You will use less hot water.

Save power with a Steam Stopper

Save power with a Steam Stopper

The secret to saving power & energy, is to use less and by being more efficient. The Steam Stopper does just this. When we find any way that enables us to save power we are on to a winner.

We waste a lot of hot water keeping ourselves warm in our own showers. As heated air escapes out of the top of the shower, cold air comes in from the bottom, which continually needs to be heated by the hot water to keep us feeling warm. In this process we are making steam, which in turn is making condensation in our bathrooms, and fogging our windows and mirrors.

Simply by stopping heated air escaping from the top of our showers, we will keep our showers warmer, enabling us to lower the shower mixer control, still staying warm and saving power at the same time.

By installing a Steam Stopper you will:

♦ Save power by moving your mixer control lower.

♦ Save power by not needing a bathroom mirror demister.

♦ Save power by not needing to install a stronger energy wasting bathroom exhaust fan.

♦ Save power by not needing to keep your window open, wasting room heat.

You will be Saving Power by getting a Steam Stopper


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