Steam Stopper easy to Clean

easy to clean Steam Stopper

Steam Stopper easy to clean

The Steam Stopper is easy to clean as it is not physically fixed to the top of your shower. The Steam Stopper simply sits on top of your shower and can be easily removed for dusting and or cleaning using no more than warm water and a soft cleaning cloth, re-installation is just as simple.

The easy install Steam Stopper is simply lifted off, cleaned and returned to it’s original position. Easy, safe and efficient.

Additionally, The Steam Stopper is made from an opaque and hygienic, sanitary grade acrylic sheet. This Translucent look, means that dust, and dead moths (hopefully not) are not easily seen, and while the caps may still get dusty, they don’t look it. This also means that any small scratches are not visible, which means your Steam Stopper will look great for years to come. We have found that the Translucent acrylic absorbs the colour around it enabling the Steam Stopper to blend in with your bathroom and in some cases almost disappear.

Stop Bathroom Condensation with a Steam Stopper.

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