Easy install Steam Stopper

Easy to install Steam Stopper

Easy to install Steam Stopper

Unlike other brands on the market today, the easy install Steam Stopper is truly designed as a DIY easy to install product.

Easy Install Steam Stoppers are not designed to be fixed to the top of your shower frame, rather they are designed to just rest on top of your existing shower frame. Steam Stoppers are therefore easy to remove for cleaning.

Other brands require company registered installers to visit your home, on the pretext of having the shower caps installed professionally by one of their staff

Extensive trialing by our company engineers, determined that the shower cap simply needs to ‘rest’ on top of the shower screen for perfect results. It is not necessary to fix the shower cap to the structure. A fixed shower cap is hard to clean, and in some situations down right dangerous, with the cleaner having to reach over the cap, while standing on a ladder, to clean the cap.

The easy install Steam Stopper is simply lifted off, cleaned and returned to it’s original position. Easy, safe and efficient.

Additionally, The Steam Stopper Caps are made from an opaque and hygienic, sanitary grade acrylic sheet. this opaque look, means that dust, and dead moths are not easily easily, and while the caps still get dusty, they don’t look it.

The easy install Steam Stoppers are easy to trim to the right size by any competent home handyman, however, if an installation service is what you want, there is a network of authorized installers throughout the country to help you.

Please take a look at our YouTube video to see how simple the Steam Stoppers are to trim. Full installation instructions come with every Steam Stopper, which are also available here.

You can purchase an easy install Steam Stopper from any of the Resellers below and install it yourself.

Steam Stopper Installation Instructions Here

To download these instructions right hand click and choose ‘save as’
*take note where you are saving it*

A Steam Stopper is easy to install and will STOP Bathroom Steam

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