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How to win a Steam Stopper for your shower.

Here are the words we have placed in the ‘speech bubbles’ on each slide the front page of the site

1. Want to win a free Steam Stopper  (Angel)
2. We’re running a Facebook competition for the best captions to go into our speech bubbles (Devil)
3. We will give 5 free Steam Stoppers away  (Angel)
4. To the 5 best entries which tell of the benefits of having a Steam Stopper on their shower (Devil)
5a. Have a go, you have nothing to loose. (Angel)
5d. Go to our Facebook page and give us your suggested conversation. (Devil)


You can have up to 8 different slides as such, with the Angel and the Devil, having a conversation.

There can be just the Angel,  just the Devil or both the Angel and Devil in each of your  ‘slides’ as such.


Steps for you to take.

  1. Think of the words you want to use
  2. Think of the order, Starting with the Angel
  3. Type them in the order you want them to spoken.
  4. Enter into Facebook as a post.
  5. You’ve then entered, good luck.
  6. Tell your friends to comment on your entry
  7. Have some fun with it.

We will run this till the end of May.

We will then choose the 5 Best entries and contact the winners. 

Please note**

Keep the comments suitable for our product, we will remove any unsuitable comments.

Winners will be notified by the judges, (that’s us) decisions will be final.

A free Steam Stopper will be provided to fit the 5 winners showers (1 each) as long as your shower can fit one of our Steam Stoppers, fitting (which is easy) will be the winners responsibility.


We look forward to your entries.


Watch all the videos, there are 3 you can watch them here they have most of the points you may want to include, we will be impressed if you can find others.

Good Luck and lets have some fun.

SteamStopper on Facebook

Free Cardboard we have cardboard left over from the new packaging of the Steam Stopper. We have 800mm x 800mm pieces of cardboard black on one side, cardboard brown on the other We want to give this away to Preschools, Daycare’s and Primary schools, please tell your friends it is available, we will package it up and freight it to you . All we ask is that the request for cardboard is through this website (contact us here ) and you tell your friends through Facebook.

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