Choosing a Steam Stopper for your shower

The first 2 columns are our std pre trimmed Steam Stoppers, these fit a wide range of showers available in New Zealand. The 3rd column shows the maximum size we can supply when you need to trim a Steam Stopper to size.

Click on any of the images to get more specific information

900mm Steam Stoppers

1000mm Steam Stoppers

Largest Steam Stoppers

to be trimmed to size by client

Square Steam Stoppers

Curved Steam Stoppers

Steam Stoppers 1200 showers

760mm wide

900mm wide

1m Wide

to be trimmed to size by client

Steam Stopper for 45 deg Showers

There are so many variants of these showers – the door width and side panel width changes with each brand and model. For these showers we supply the largest 45 deg Steam Stopper so it can be trimmed to suit.

760 x 900 Steam Stopper

45 Deg Steam Stoppers

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