Bathroom Extractor Fan WILL work better with a Steam Stopper

bathroom extractor fan

bathroom extractor fan

A Bathroom Extractor Fan does not stop bathroom condensation. A bathroom Fan may remove it but it cannot stop hot damp air from your shower mixing with cold damp air in your bathroom and condensing on your mirror or damaging your bathroom paint or wallpaper.

The Bathroom extractor fan is a crude way of removing steam from your bathroom. Fans work by sucking air through your bathroom, but that air needs to drawn from somewhere else. To achieve this we often open a window (letting in cold damp air) or open the bathroom door, bringing in household air, which we have already heated. Or worse still, leaving the bathroom door open, allowing steam into the rest of your house.

Some people have installed a stronger bathroom extractor fan only to be disappointed with the extra  noise created and still have a steamy bathroom with condensation forming on the bathroom mirror.

To help or possibly eliminate the need for your bathroom extractor fan you are best to install a Steam Stopper which is designed to stop the formation of bathroom steam and condensation in the first place. As they say, Prevention is better than the cure.

With a Steam Stopper a Bathroom Extractor Fan is no longer needed.

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