Stop Peeling Bathroom Paint

Stop Peeling bathroom Paint

Stop Peeling Bathroom Paint

No Damaged Bathroom Paint in your bathroom, imagine going for years without having to decorate or repaint your bathroom.

Damaged and mouldy bathroom paint is caused by a bathroom which is high in humidity, condensation and warmth. Black mould grows in these conditions and is caused by hot damp shower air mixing with cold damp room air creating steam then condensating on the cold walls, ceiling and painted surfaces.

Ask any painter how hard it is to re-paint a bathroom that is generally in good condition other than damage by mouldy paint. They have to work over and around the shower, bath and vanity which are likely to be damaged even if all they are painting is the ceiling.

Bathroom Paint is easily damaged by continuous steam in your bathroom. No matter how often you clean, moisture and condensation is damaging your bathroom paint. Even your strong bathroom extractor fan is not good enough to stop condensation from being created on your painted surface and bathroom window sills.

Stop Bathroom Paint Damage

The cure is to STOP the bathroom paint from being damaged in the first place. To do this you need to stop the steam in your bathroom and the easiest way is to install a Steam Stopper. This works by separating the hot shower steam from the cold bathroom damp air. By doing this you can close your bathroom window, stop the black bathroom mould and have a clear bathroom mirror.

STOP bathroom Paint Damage, get a Steam Stopper & STOP peeling bathroom paint

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