Shower Dome Alternatives

Steam Stopper and Turtle Dome

As with all parts of life we have choices and we make these choices for many and different reasons.
We as Manufacturers work to give variation to distinguish our product from others and to give clients a choice

The Shower Dome alternatives Steam Stoppers and Turtle Domes separate Hot Damp Air inside your shower from the Cold Damp Air outside your shower, they stop steam from forming, therefore stopping foggy mirrors, bathroom mould and damaged bathroom paint.

By doing this they stop repeated cleaning and re-painting of your bathroom and as some clients say they feel they are saving on hot water costs (as the shower is warmer) along with time and expense in the repairs in their bathroom.

The Steam Stopper and Turtle Dome are designed to do the same job as a Shower Dome. They are made of the same product (Clear Acrylic). What we have found is clients like the Translucent Dome as it disperses light evenly and does not show marks if scratched, which is likely to happen with all Acrylics.

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